His nail polish is pink and mint green. He turns heads, to put it mildly, but nobody comes near because the waitresses hover around the booth protectively. The weirdest thing about him? He loves being this guy. He has managed to grow up in public with all his boyish enthusiasm intact, not to mention his manners. The Harry Charm is a force of nature, and it can be almost frightening to witness in action. The most startling example might be a backstage photo from February taken with one of his heroes, Van Morrison. You have never seen a Van picture like this one. Until he met Harry — for some reason, Van beams like a giddy schoolgirl. What did Harry do to him?

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Imagine: Harry left you for someone else, and months later the lads and him see you at the club. Completely different. Its been five months since Harry Styles, my three year boyfriend, left me for some blonde bitch. Honestly, at first I was devastated.

‘Unfair Love’ – Harry Styles Imagine Words: k Pairing: Harry Styles x She later learns out he loved someone else and she decides to be selfish and he has a new girlfriend and he already believed that she is the love of his life. being himself, called Harry “absolutely dripping hot” and “I bet he’s good.

The mystery girl who pop star Harry Styles wrote about in love song ‘Carolina’ is a beautiful year-old college student he met on a blind date, DailyMail. The star was clearly bowled over by pretty brunette Townes Adair Jones who he met in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. And the One Direction heartthrob decided to include her – and details of their memorable liaison – on his self-titled debut solo album. They only went out once, but she inspired Styles to write the love song ‘Carolina’ about the year-old.

A friend of Townes told DailyMail. Styles sings in upbeat ‘Carolina’: ‘I met her once and wrote a song about her, I wanna scream, I wanna shout it out, I hope she hears me now. The song – which Styles performed on the Late Late Show on Monday night – says Townes has family in ‘Carolina’ and that she told him that he reminds her of home. A friend told DailyMail.

She told Harry Styles on their date that he reminds her of home. Styles even drops Townes’ first name into the lyrics, leaving his millions of fans wondering who the mystery girl is. The lyrics go: ‘So far from home.

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The sound of a nose cracking was evident within the bar, the volume and violence associated with the gesture silencing the heaps of college students inside of the club. All eyes were on Harry Styles, the football star and quarterback, usually a mystery to the rest of the student body. The most anyone ever got out of him was a sneer or lazy acknowledgement.

He was madly popular for his attitude, silent, deadly, and admittedly equally, madly attractive. Harry Styles was always ready with a snappy comeback or a glare given from the simple flash of his intelligent eyes, clad in a leather jacket that fight almost too right, perfectly slicked back, thick thatches of hair, and a smirk.

Prompt; Soo maybe you could write that Harry is dating a new girl and They’ve been seeing each other for a while after being introduced through their mutual friend. She feels left out by the way he’s and she’s not sure if she should feel time separating Beatrice, Harry Styles’ daughter, to just Beatrice.

Let me know what you think! Part 1. He slept on the couch. Sarah was the only person who knew about her crush on Harry, of course not on purpose. Sarah found it on her own, after seeing the two interact she thought that something was already happening between the two after closing observing their behavior when she came to visit Harry on tour. Sarah would always see the two laughing, Harry leaning into her ear and whispering different jokes and stories, as well as the two messing around on the stage together before and after the show.

She of course, then and now, still has not reached his level of fame, but she was currently in the works of planning her first solo world tour, something Harry has really helped with and supported, which she of course really appreciated, but she often felt guilty by. With his high profile reputation, just going out with Sarah can cause headlines and she never wants any of them to feel like she is using them for her own benefit, which leads them to this moment of going to small hole in the wall places.

It was random and like you said, he took you home and took care of you. Clearly cares about you a lot more. He was so cute! Mitch said you guys exchanged numbers, have you texted him?

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AS a young boy Harry Styles never cried much. Harry, now 18, was just seven when his dad sat him down and told him he was leaving home. But dad Des says the sight of his son in tears haunts him still — and reveals the moment he broke the news to Harry was the worst day of his life. But, movingly, he tells of his agony when he could no longer see Harry and his sister Gemma, now 21, after he split from their mum Anne. Everybody was in tears.

A Complete Guide to Every Girl One Direction Has Dated Harry isn’t just a semi​-professional comedian; he’s also a proven matchmaker. The two split due to distance—can you imagine dating a dude who spends nine months on but we do know they fell hard for each other over milkshakes, as you do.

Years later, he finds out and he begins to question who he really wants…his wife or her. In her mind, she chose to think of the good times, the cuddles, the kisses in the rain, the secret hand holding, type of good times. That saying is true, they were attracted to one another, more than that, they loved each other. So, they fought and yelled and screamed at one another. He was her Harry, the boy that she spent six years of her life with.

I have to put food on the fucking table, I have to pay the bills and to do what I do. You think I am so fucking selfish to think I come first above you. I just expected to not have a distant relationship. I expected you to be home more with me. The room fell slight, as the tears stop and now two strangers stood staring at each other. I met someone else. He was an ass, a complete ass and she came to peace with it.

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I was usually pretty good at actually focusing on my work in class. I was the coolest guy at Drew High School I say that in the most humble way I can, just being honest here , I knew the ladies loved me and — to be completely honest — I loved the attention. How could I not? It was nice to have every girl looking me up and down as I walked down the hallway with my backpack hanging over one shoulder and my brown locks tucked into a beanie or a snapback.

Janie Smith prefers the beanie. She tells me every time she sees me in one.

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The day had started and been nothing but completely ordinary, until now. Because at this moment, both of my hands were numb, shaking and sweaty. Nick had meant well, as he always did, being one of the nicest people I knew. He was staring at me, unsure what to say and I could read by his expression that he was doubting both, my sanity and whether or not he had made the right decision to tell me.

His words kept replaying in my mind, becoming louder and louder by the minute until they resounded inside my head as a yell. Because how could it be true? Harry and I loved each other and neither of us could ever betray the other like this, right? Understanding my doubts, Nick had grimaced and pulled out his phone, pressed a few buttons before turning the screen so I had a perfect view onto the numerous texts he had received from Harry.

My vision had blurred once I got to the part of him describing what had gone through his head while sleeping with her for the first time, and I had felt sick. The reality of it all had yet to kick in as my mind tried and failed to make sense of it at all. It was most certainly not what I had expected to hear when Nick had called me this morning and asked if I could meet him for coffee. We had been so in love back then and, at least as I thought, still were.

All the butterflies in the world erupted in our tummies when the other smiled.

A Complete Guide to Every Girl One Direction Has Dated

Originally posted by slowhandstbh. The only downfall to dating Harry Styles was the distance. He is constantly on the move with touring. He never stayed in the same city for more than two nights which made visiting him hard as well, not to mention getting time away to go and see him. My alarm pulls me out of my sleep.

The Boss Part 2 Y/N is Harry’s personal assistant and girlfriend. Can Y/N and He could never picture himself dating another woman. “I know I.

Liam; You and Liam broke up about 3 weeks ago, and you were very depressed about it. Your friends wanted to get you out of your flat so, they set you up on a blind date. You two briefly make eye contact before you turn your head to Connor. I love you so much. After that you go to have dinner with the boys who were glad to have you around again. Harry; you and your ex-boyfriend Harry, had a very big fight and broke up about a week and a half ago. You were a wreck, so one night your friends forced you to go out to a club.


Thank you for all the feedback I got on the first part of this. Or the master list that is linked in bio. I hope you love it! Originally posted by stylesschmyles-deactivated Love can push people to do things that they never thought that they were capable of doing.

“No she isn’t, Harry She’s nine.” When I started school in Holmes Chapel, on hot days when the school-run cars were lined up outside and the.

Send in your requests of what you would like me to write next Masterlist. You had known Harry for a while, you were never really close, until he settled in New York. You met through mutual friends when he was touring, and he was in New York. You had gone out a couple times, but decided that it would be better for you two to stay friends, since he was always traveling.

That was two years ago. Now the two of you were best friends, you would go over, and he would come to your place, the paparazzi would have a field day with it. You just kind of got used to it since the two of you knew that you were just friends. But you wished you were more. The more the two of you hung out one-on-one, the more you realized why you were so good together, you would have to be lying if you said you never thought once, or twice, about kissing him.

falling… — Can’t Help but Love Him – Part 2

The way she got along so well with his other family members. She still takes his breathe away. Instead he spent whole night looking over her, but in a way that was not too suspicious.

He’s most possibly the cutest person alive. most possibly the cutest person alive. Read harry styles gifs from the story icons. Style Icons, Harry Styles Cute.

If there was an old vinyl record player in the place it would scratch quiet. Instead, the two-dozen punters turn hushed and intent, as if a unicorn has just trotted in off the street, and nobody wants to scare it off. A former teen star who is now 25, a happier and rockier solo artist since his boyband One Direction split a few years ago, Styles has hidden himself inside a large, swamp-green parka. As it is, cover blown, he removes the parka. A woolly jumper beneath has a picture of the planet Saturn on it.

We take a seat in the corner. On nearby tables, conversations start to sputter as people try to keep their own talk ticking along on autopilot while straining to hear what Styles says. I ask him about the sheer strangeness of this and other aspects of fame. Full stadiums, swooning admirers, an excess of opportunity and cash. Keith Richards, at a comparable stage, imagined himself the pirate leader of a travelling nation-state, unbound by international law.

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Met each other at a wedding, hit it off and soon went on their first date in which they were both absolutely nervous for but nonetheless, it worked out just fine since they went on a consecutive second and third date. Attached to the hip, some would say. Somehow, his charm got to her and she was currently spritzing setting spray on her meticulously done makeup. Her hair was done in a high ponytail, making sure to brush the baby hairs out of her face.

All she needed to do was put on her dress and heels.

But the tears gushed from the One Direction heart-throb on the day his dad He tells how he’s tried to give him advice on sleeping with girls and reveals he gap between Harry and one-time girlfriend Caroline Flack was “extreme”. and are bouncing off each other all the time, you can imagine, it must be.

The only thing One Direction has more of than hit songs is ex-girlfriends. Within six years, the four dudes have collectively dated almost 20 girls. It’s an impressive figure, especially given the fact that they spend at least 9 months of the year on the road. Do you have any idea how hard it is to carry on a long-distance relationship when you have spotty-at-best access to wifi? Facetiming with fickle internet is no way to fuel love.

As such, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of everyone who has been linked to 1D. As Zayn Malik tragically left the band, we’ve left Perrie Edwards and Gigi Hadid off the list, but shoutout to them anyway! Dating a member of one of the biggest bands in the world may have its perks, but it can also lead to being hounded by fans and media outlets alike. Still, here’s your guide to living vicariously through these 18 lucky ladies.

She starred opposite him in a school production of Grease and later became his very first girlfriend. Back in the early days, he played Cupid and introduced his boy to a cute girl he knew through friends. The two split due to distance—can you imagine dating a dude who spends nine months on the road?

Harry Styles REVEALS Best Part About Dating Him, What Adele Gave Him & MORE